(YFI) doubles the price of Bitcoin

Just a few hours ago, the DeFi (YFI) token reached a new high, this time at $27,241, far exceeding the highest price Bitcoin ever touched. Everything points to the fact that the bullish resumption of YFI was driven by the inclusion of the token in the Aave market protocol, and speculations about a possible association with FTX. Aave is currently the largest DeFi protocol, with over $1.52 billion blocked. FTX is one of the leading exchanges for cryptomoney derivatives. Recently, we commented that the price of YFI will most likely end up outpacing Bitcoin's; and so it did. With the strong upward momentum from rising token demand, and only 30,000 units available, it was difficult to imagine a possible drop in price. But what about the current situation? Will…
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