Crypto Market Pullback: Dogecoin and Ether Lead Decline

Crypto Market Pullback: Dogecoin and Ether Lead Decline

• Crypto market capitalization dropped 3.5% in the past 24 hours following a decline in U.S. equity markets.
• Ether and dogecoin led the slide among major tokens, falling more than 5%.
• U.S. equities fell on Tuesday after technical glitches at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) briefly disrupted market trading.

Table of Contents:
I. Overview
II. Major Tokens Pulling Back
III. US Equities Affecting Crypto Markets

Crypto markets have seen a pullback over the past 24 hours following a decline in US equity markets and some traders warning of an impending drop in the coming weeks due to limited traders in the market and sentiment-driven rallies driving prices up with low funding rates and cascading short liquidations taking place as well. The crypto market capitalization has decreased by 3.5% to just over $1 trillion as Ether and dogecoin led the slide among major tokens, falling more than 5%, while bitcoin lost just 1.6%. Outside of majors, avalanche (AVAX) fell 7.7% while lido (LDO) dropped over 10%, ending a multi-week bump that saw the token’s value jump 135% in the past month – leading to upward of $173 million in longs being liquidated across Ethereum futures and Bitcoin futures respectively according to data source Coinglass; however, other tokens such as Quant (QNT) and Aptos (APT) traded positively with both rising over 4%.

I Overview:
The recent pullback comes after weeks of an uptrend for crypto markets which saw them regain their $1 trillion capitalization mark earlier this month thanks to strength from Bitcoin combined with strong transactional activity amongst tokens such as SOL and ADA making significant contributions too – however this trend appears to be taking a breather as traders likely take profits now before further downturns occur potentially leading into February or beyond depending on how things develop from here onwards for US equities and other related financial products/instruments influencing crypto markets indirectly, particularly those based around regulated exchanges operating out of the United States or elsewhere globally where various regulatory protocols are put into place regularly by governing bodies overseeing these activities at all times including but not limited to ensuring fair pricing occurs when it comes down trades taking place across multiple asset classes so people can make informed decisions about their investments without any undue influence from external sources negatively impacting them short-term or long-term depending on individual investor risk profiles etcetera ad infinitum.. .

II Major Tokens Pulling Back:
As mentioned previously Ether & Dogecoin were two big losers during this period losing more than 5% each along with Cardano’s ADA & Polygon’s MATIC also dropping 4%. Meanwhile Avalanche (AVAX), Lido (LDO), Quant (QNT), & Aptos (APT) were amongst those that traded positively with both rising above 4%. Long positions taken out across Ethereum Futures & Bitcoin Futures contributed heavily towards upwards of $173 million being liquidated during this time frame despite there being some profit takers cashing out at regular intervals too given current conditions currently prevailing within global financial spheres today thus allowing investors greater flexibility when it comes down diversifying portfolios away from traditional asset classes if they so wish whilst understanding potential risks/benefits associated moving forward safely yet confidently… .

III US Equities Affecting Crypto Markets:
The pullback is largely attributed to declines seen on Tuesday within US equities which took place due technical glitches at NYSE temporarily disrupting stock trading activity significantly enough that analysts like those working at Bitfinex sent out notes advising caution when it came down investing given current levels of sentiment partially driven by low funding rates & cascading short liquidations often encountered during bull runs like we’re seeing right now – although such warnings should always be taken seriously so investors don’t get caught up emotionally when it comes down dealing with cryptocurrency investments specifically because they can be unpredictable whereas traditional securities tend not move wildly unless fundamental shifts take place either internally or externally thus requiring further research/analysis before making any decisions accordingly going forward too…

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