How to Reset a Samsung Tablet

How to Reset a Samsung Tablet

What to Know

  • Hold the Volume upplus the Home button and Turn off the power until it enters the Recovery mode. Then, select Reset.
  • Be cautious: Factory reseting the device wipes out all its data, completely erasing all data.

This article will show you how to hard reset on a Samsung tablet.

The steps below will be applicable for the vast majority of Samsung tablets. However according to your location and the specific device you might need to follow similar , but not exactly the same steps. If you’re not sure, search online for the model you have and then type in’reset to factory default’ and you’ll be able to find the details about the device you have.

How Do You Hard Reset a Samsung Tablet?

Samsung tablets use Android as well, and Android includes an simple method to reset your device to its factory settings. As a reminder, be sure to back up any important data on your tablet prior to reset it. After reset, all information will be lost.

Use a hard reset only in the last instance however, as not only will your information be erased, but your personal settings may also be deleted. However, a hard reset can be a useful method to resolve issues that arise with Samsung tablets that Samsung tablet that otherwise aren’t able to fix.

Is There a Reset Button on a Samsung Tablet?

There isn’t any”reset “button” on a Samsung tablet, however you can push a set of buttons to set your tablet in Recovery Mode The Recovery Mode isfrom the point where it is possible to reset the device to factory settings and wipe all information on the device during the process.

In order to restore your Samsung tablet using Recovery Mode all you’ll require is your tablet, and some time.

  1. Shut off your Samsung tablet. Make sure that it’s fully powered off and is not in a sleep mode. If your screen is turned off, wait just a couple of seconds and you’ll be able to get it back on.It’s also recommended to ensure your device is charged or connected to the internet for this procedure, to make sure you don’t go without the power at a critical moment, and then create issues.
  2. Depending on the specific Samsung tablet, hold the Volume Up and Power buttons, or press the Volume Up, Power and Home buttons till the device comes on, and then enters Recovery Mode.It typically takes between 10 to 15 minutes and once the screen starts to turn on, you can release the buttons no matter the length of time you’ve held the buttons for. It will be clear that you’ve been in the Recovery Mode If your tablet fails to start up normally.
  3. Once you’ve booted into Recovery Mode, you’ll be presented with a variety of options One of them is to reset your device factory to wipe the device. Select this option and follow any prompts that appear on the screen.
  4. When the reset process is complete then simply turn the device normally and then when it starts up, you’ll see a clean and reset device, with no personal information in any way.

Backup important data prior to resetting your tablet. After reset, the data isn’t recoverable.

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