Overview: These are the 5 top Android smartphones with a price range of 250 euros

Overview: These are the 5 top Android smartphones with a price range of 250 euros

A brand-new, “just good” smartphone isn’t required the cost of hundreds dollars. With the advancements in technology and advancements, by 2021 you could already purchase a phone that costs under 250 dollars. It fulfills its claims and will last for many years of normal usage. Are you looking for a smartphone like this? you’re thinking of? Take a look at our top five smartphone models with a price of up to 250 euros. which was last refreshed in the month of June, 2021. The list is not in any specific order.

1. Poco X3 Pro

You’re looking for a budget yet fast phone? You’ll get the Poco X3 Pro. It has the powerful Snapdragon 860 processor and 6GB of memory for working and a huge battery.

The phone also shines due to the huge amount of storage space (128GB) and its fluid 120Hz display. Additionally, Poco comes with an impressive 33W charger which charges the battery fast.

The Poco X3 Pro runs on Android 11 and includes two years of update versions (to Android 12 and 13) as well as periodic security patches. The software will provide support through April 2023.

Do you want to learn more about the fascinating phone? Find out the opinions of Android Planet thinks of the smartphone in our Poco X3 Pro review. Find the lowest cost of a stand-alone Poco X3 Pro here, and you can select an upgrade to the Poco X3 Pro with a subscription.

2. Nokia G20

When you purchase the Nokia G20, you’re sure to receive updates for years to be. This is because Nokia runs Android One software on the device , which means that you’ll get two upgrades (to Android 12 and 13) and three years of security updates. This means that your Nokia G20 is up-to-date until June 2024.

It’s even better that you’re using the stock version of Android and there are no unneeded apps from any manufacturers. It’s Android just as Android is supposed to be.

Its Nokia G20 features a large 6.5-inch HD display, a basic MediaTek processor, and 4GB of memory for working. The storage capacity is 64GB. Nokia has equipped the phone with the massive battery with 5050 mAh with four cameras on the rear and an older charger.

See the lowest price of Nokia G20. Nokia G20 with subscription. The suggested retail price for the standalone Nokia G20 is 169 euros.

3. Motorola Moto G 5G Plus

Its model Motorola Moto G 5G Plus is a smartphone for 2020, but it’s still a great option. It features a beautiful and spacious 6.7-inch screen with a smooth 90Hz refresh rate. It is extremely fast due to its Snapdragon 765G processor. It also has support for 5G broadband.

Its Moto G 5G Plus takes stunning photos using the rear cameras. It can last longer on battery charge and features 4GB of memory that can be used for work. The storage capacity is 64GB. Motorola also offers the more expensive model that comes with 6/128GB of storage.

A point worth mentioning to note is that the operating system. Motorola does not offer users of the Moto G5G Plus further Android version updates, which means you’re stuck with Android 11. But, the manufacturer will release security updates for a time so that you can enjoy the phone in a safe manner.

Find the most affordable prices for the Motorola Moto G 5G Plus with a subscription here. Or, discover the lowest cost for purchasing this Moto G 5G Plus by its own.

4. Samsung Galaxy A32 4G

The Samsung Galaxy A32 comes in two variations, offering 5G and 4G. The prices differ, however, they are also different in terms of specifications. We believe that the 4G version is the better option, since it comes with an attractive display and is several hundred euros less expensive, in addition to other factors.

Its Galaxy A32 4G features a 6.5-inch LED display with crisp full HD resolution, and a smoother 90% refresh speed. It is powered by a fast MediaTek processor, and comes with 4GB of memory that can be used for work and 128GB of internal storage.

It’s a pleasure to see Samsung’s update policy. The phone is able to receive security updates through April 2025 (!) and is able to count on the release of updates for Android 12 , 13 and 12 as well. The policy for updating is better than the norm in this price bracket and makes this Galaxy A32 a great option for the best smartphone that costs that costs up at 250 euro.

Find the lowest cost of a stand-alone Samsung Galaxy A32 4G here. You can also purchase this Galaxy A32 4G with a subscription.

5. Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 5G

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 5G is among the lowest 5G phones available at the moment. Although 5G is good but it will not be more efficient than 4G until the fall of 2022. In addition the Redmi Note 10 5G is an extremely good phone.

The device sports a beautiful 6.5-inch display with a smoother 90Hz refresh rate. It it runs on a quick MediaTek processor, and comes with 4GB of memory for working. Storage memory should be at minimum 64GB.

The phone has three cameras in the back and a battery of 5000mAh with a smooth charging. Android 11 is installed and you can anticipate two years of updates to the version and security updates i.e. until June 2023.

Find the lowest price for a stand-alone Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 5G here, or check out to the Redmi Note 10 5G with subscription.

Do you prefer spending more or do you prefer spending less or

In this guide you’ll discover the best smartphones that cost up to 250 dollars However, you may need to pay more or less for your new smartphone. If that’s the case, make sure to check out our buying guide to the best smartphones priced under 150 euros. You can also find the top mid-range phones (up up to 500 euro) or top-end versions (from 500 euro) using our price comparison tool.

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