Swing Platform: Speed Up App Deployment with ‘No-Code’ Product

Swing Platform: Speed Up App Deployment with ‘No-Code’ Product

• Swing, a cross-chain liquidity protocol, released a new “no-code” product to reduce the time needed to deploy and update decentralized applications across multiple blockchains.
• This product is being provided to developers during ETHDenver, a major conference for Ethereum developers.
• The Swing Platform can speed up the time to respond to security incidents by allowing updates without changing code.

Cross-Chain Protocol Swing Launches ‘No-Code’ Product

Swing, a cross-chain liquidity protocol, has launched a new “no-code” product that aims to reduce the amount of time required for deploying and updating decentralized applications across different blockchains. The new product, called Swing Platform, will be available for developers at ETHDenver – one of the largest conferences for Ethereum developers.

Benefits of No-Code Product

The key benefit of this no-code product is that it allows developers to make quick updates and deploy them without having to change any code. This makes it particularly useful in situations where urgent changes need to be made due to security flaws or other issues. It also means that nontechnical team members can easily make fast updates in response these issues if they arise outside of regular working hours.

Growing Need For Cross-Chain Solutions

As more and more decentralized applications span multiple blockchains, there’s an increasing need for reliable cross-chain solutions that are secure from hackers targeting these bridges used for moving digital assets back and forth between networks. According to Chainalysis – a blockchain security firm – over $2 billion was lost due thefts from cross-chain bridges just during the first eight months of 2022 alone.

Swing Platform To Provide Security & Speed Up Response Times

The Swing Platform is intended as an answer both these needs: better security via quick responses times when something goes wrong with a particular token or bridge due to potential vulnerabilities or other reasons. By allowing developers and nontechnical team members alike make rapid updates through its no-code feature without needing any coding knowledge, this platform could help provide better overall security while reducing response times in critical scenarios where timing matters most.


Overall, Swing’s no-code product provides an innovative solution towards making sure cross chain applications are kept secure while still being able deploy quick updates when necessary without needing extensive coding knowledge or wasting valuable time on recoding processes every time something goes wrong or needs updating. This could prove invaluable in helping keep users safe from malicious actors exploiting flaws within existing blockchain systems while still providing them with fast access apps they need when they need them most

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