Video: PRF discovers 18 kilos of gold hidden in a car in MT

Goods worth R$ 6 million were seized for lack of a document called a transit guide

The Federal Highway Police (PRF) found 17.95 kilograms of gold under the seat of a vehicle, during an inspection on BR-364, in Alto Garças, Mato Grosso. The value of the goods is about R$6 million.

According to a statement by PRF, on Friday afternoon (25), the PRF team was inspecting km 48 of the highway when it approached the vehicle Toyota/Hilux, with plates of Olímpia/SP. The truck was occupied by the driver, 36 years old, and two passengers, 56 and 53 years old respectively.

Questioned by the police, the trio said it was travelling from Cuiabá, the capital of Mato Grosso, to São Paulo, and that the driver was working with sales, without specifying details. The passengers would be the driver’s security guards.

The police carried out a vehicle search and found, inside a suitcase, under the back seat of the vehicle, an amount weighing approximately 17.95 kg of gold bars. An invoice was presented, but when the PRF agents requested the traffic guide the driver said he did not have that document.

According to the invoice, the gold transported is a financial asset, since it was collected IOF (tax on financial transactions) and not ICMS (tax on the circulation of goods and services). Because it is a financial asset, it is mandatory to send the transit guide of gold financial asset.

The occurrence was sent to the Federal Police Station, in Rondonópolis/MT